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Look Beyond Circulars for Coupons

Everyone likes to save money, and coupons are a great idea in practice. Except … how many coupons would you like to try and stash in your pocket or purse at any given time? And how much time would you like to devote to finding coupons that actually are for items you’ll buy? There are entire books devoted to this topic. Trust me. I’ve done freelance book reviews on them; it’s a rather intricate process.

I use paper coupons from time to time for groceries, but what about some discounts for items you may purchase online, like clothes, electronics, etc.?

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Daily Dimes 12/1/09

Ah … the holiday season. Now that Black Friday is out of the way, it’s time for massive shopping sprees, Christmas music, and Lexus car commercials to get us through until Christmas Day.

That means, for most, gift shopping for friends and family. In order to avoid falling into silly debt buying gifts that may or may not be returned without your knowing anyway, keep the next two articles in mind …
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