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February Net Worth: Marching Right Along

I’m continuing to make great gains in my net worth — after gains in December and January, I’m continuing on the right path. My net worth increased another 2.95 percent in the last month.

On to the numbers …

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How Much is Too Much?

I’ve had several posts lately about budgeting for college and paying off student loan debt. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m no stranger to this: I have approximately $35,000 of debt from my four years at Seton Hall University.

I finished reading Busted: Life Inside the Great Mortgage Meltdown earlier this week, and it got me thinking about my own debt. Now I’m not saddled with a subprime mortgage for upwards of $500,000, but I still feel weighed down by my college debt. I know that because of my own saving and my golden parachute of sorts, I have enough money to continue to pay the monthly installments of both the private and federal ones for a long period of time before that money would run out.

Regardless, the fact that I can’t set aside the full amount of money from my bi-monthly paychecks for those loans bothers me. Even though it’ll take years for the cushion I built up for myself to eventually go to zero — so long, I figure I’ll be making far more money by then — the fact that I’m not there yet does bother me. I don’t like setting aside as much money as I can and not having it add up to the monthly payments. It goes against what I talk about here, and my own sensibilities.

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Daily Dimes 10/9/09

You ever feel like the financial services industry is trying to punish you for saving your money?

Yes, me too.

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