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Simple Saving Tricks

I read a really interesting article recently on Kiplinger.com about 10 easy ways, or “tricks”, to make yourself save a portion of your hard-earned money. While saving is a fundamentally important pillar for any worthwhile personal finance plan — and this week is America Saves Week — I think it’s important to go back over some of the easy ways those who have trouble with discipline can ensure they are stashing away part of their money for savings.

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Weekly Roundup

This week, there were myriad articles giving tips and tricks to live by with regard to personal finance at the end of this year. While all of this information is important to at least consider, make sure you don’t end up doing everything everyone says just because it sounds good.
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Daily Dimes 12/18/09

I focus quite a bit on doing more with a little bit of money, but what if you actually came across a large sum of cash? An inheritance, lottery winnings, etc.

I read somewhere that lottery winners are increasingly finding themselves filing for bankruptcy — it’s because they don’t plan on just how they’re going to use that lump sum. If you so happen to be lucky enough (of course, lucky is relative, especially if you received an inheritance after a loved one passed away) to come across a financial windfall, would you know what to do?
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