March Net Worth: On the Rise

I’m continuing to make great gains in my net worth — since a small blip in November 2009, I’m continuing on the right path. My net worth increased another approximately 27 percent in the last month.

On to the numbers …

My overall net worth as of March 1st is $71,566. In sum, it marks a $15,630 (27.94 percent) increase from January.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to split up my assessment into five different areas: cash, stocks, retirement, stalwarts, and college loans. The percentages and amounts are coming from the calculations in my NetworthIQ profile.


This seems like it increased a great deal, jumping about 20 percent to a total of $45,738 — which was by design. Part of the increase has to do with my boosted salary, and the other part has to do with my being more specific as to what is in my Schwab account. Right now, half of it is stock and the other half is cash until I decide to invest it.


It looks like I lost half, but that was because my Schwab account is split in half-stock, half-cash — so I simply was making my allocations more accurate. I didn’t gain or lose enough with my stocks to make it worthwhile over the past month. Everything is relatively steady.


My retirement accounts — right now my Roth IRA and what will be a money market (rolled over from my old 401(k) account) — gained approximately 2 percent, which is good. I’m continuing to conduct dollar cost averaging, which basically means I am contributing the same amount to my Roth IRA (and will for my money market and new 401(k) plan) each month regardless of stock prices. That way, I am not “missing out” when stocks are low or buying less shares because prices are high.


My life insurance increased $15,000, which is where most of my gains came from. The bonds remained the same.


This is continuing to go down. I made a big extra payment a few days ago, which isn’t reflected here. It will be next month.


I’m still progressing toward my goals quite well. Even though most of my net worth gain in the past month was due to the boost in life insurance, calculating without that I still increased my net worth by 1-2 percent. As my roll over finally comes through and my new 401(k) plan begins, I look forward to continuing my increase in retirement money while making large payments to the principle of my student loans. Onward and upward.


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  1. Ann

    Keep up the great work – nice to hear someone is doing well right now!

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