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Daily Dimes 9/30/09

Sometimes, we allow our personal finances to take over our lives a tad too much. Especially today, we are constantly bombarded with news about layoffs, economic indicators, bulls, bears, and other animals used to describe our economy. Consequently, we forget that there are other more important things to which we should be attending.

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The Roadshow Continues

The Living With Common Cents roadshow forges ahead., an online forum where subject matter experts, writers, and authors alike can get articles published, has accepted me as an author for the site earlier this morning.

There are several more articles in the queue — and more on the way — waiting to be made public, but here are the first three accepted (look familiar?):

According to the administrators, I have reached “expert author” status. Feel free to check out more personal finance-related articles as they get accepted on here.

You will always be able to find all of my content on this blog, but feel free to peruse Ezine and Associated Content for more of the philosophy and tip-related pieces — not the Daily Dimes I post here Monday through Friday.

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Paycheck Palooza — Second Round

Ahh, another happy Wednesday. Two weeks removed from the inaugural Paycheck Palooza, here comes the second round. This paycheck is a bit different, because there was no furlough day this pay periods. So, I get one more day’s worth of pay in my paycheck — always a good thing.

I had to spend a little more money than I had planned on in the past two weeks. For starters, I had to pick up a new toaster. We just got a new roommate, and the outgoing one took her toaster when she left. Being that I must have my two slices of toast with breakfast every day, it was not an option to go without one. Second, I wrenched my knee pretty badly last week at the gym. Not sure exactly what’s wrong, but I have very tight tendons. I think the ones in my left knee were very badly tweaked. So, I had to buy a knee band to add some pressure, some Icy Hot, and decided after two years it was time to buy new workout sneakers.

I invested in a pair of New Balance shoes — and have decided that if I’m going to continue to work out five to six days per week, I should buy a new pair once a year. Sometimes, you really can be too cheap for your own good. It’s something I struggle with every day, but I’m learning to be more lenient with myself.

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Have Personal Finance Thoughts, Will Travel

Hey, everyone — just wanted to point you all to another place where you can find more of my personal posts related to my philosophies, tips, and tricks with regard to personal finance.

I’ve begun posting some of my older blogs onto Associated Content — feel free to check out a few of my articles that have been approved, among other people’s work, today:

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Daily Dimes 9/28/09

Happy Monday! I know, I’m also grumbling. The only upside now is that it’s the end of the standard workday. So, for my fellow 9-to-5ers, congratulations on making it through another Monday!

This week’s first Daily Dimes edition is going to focus in on budgeting, especially for household purchases. Since moving into my apartment just about a year ago, I know what this means now more than ever before.

I’m not just talking about utilities, rent/mortgage payments, and other standard bills that your parents used to foot when you were growing up. I mean the miscellaneous purchases that we don’t realize we need to make until it happens: toiletries, kitchen supplies, home improvements, and the like.

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Smarter Grocery Shopping on Aisle 5

Your trip to the grocery store once a week, two weeks, or whenever all you have left is moldy bread and a container of mustard, can end up being one of two experiences: quick and painless, or a time and money suck. It’s as simple as that.

This post won’t be about clipping coupons or going to five separate grocery stores just to get the sales on every single item for which you’re looking. Sure, coupons are great. If you happen to come across them, I suggest you look and see if there are any you can use. A couple of places online you can look for coupons that are printable are and

If you also feel compelled to visit multiple supermarkets, by all means go ahead. I don’t have a car, so I just go to my local ShopRite and get all of my food from there. Luckily, it is not overpriced and I can get everything I need. If you do have a car, weigh the time spent and extra gas used versus the actual savings you’ll get from visiting multiple stores. It wouldn’t be worth it for me, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Stop dreading going to the grocery store today — follow these five easy steps, and you’ll have a constantly stocked kitchen, more money in your wallet, and time on your hands. Common sense? Sure, but if it wasn’t a problem, you wouldn’t be staring at a cupboard with old Cheerios and no milk, would you?

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